Philological Class | ISSN 2071-2405 (Print)

Complete information about the title of the journal: Russian title – Филологический класс; English title – Philological class; transliterated title – Filologicheskiy klass.

registered by the International Standart Serial Numbering system; serial number – ISSN (print) 2071-2405; ISSN (online) 2658-5235.

Philological Class has been published since 1996.

The journal is a periodical (it comes out 4 times per year).

FSBEO HE “Ural State Pedagogical University” (Ekaterinburg, Russia) is the founder and the publisher of the journal.

Place of publication – Ekaterinburg.

Articles in Russian, English, German and French are accepted for publication in the journal.

The journal facilitates the growing interest in the Russian language and literature as embodiments of spiritual life and in writers-classics as spiritual leaders of the civilized mankind, which fosters national identity and makes the journal useful for the readers from various countries.

A full-text version of the journal is available open access at and at the scientific electronic library platform (RSCI)

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