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Abstract: The article analyzes the work, combined way the military childhood. Considered the spiritual values of the generation that came into literature in the “thaw” the 1960th and to preserve the memory of the terrible war experiences. Proved semantic layering motif memory of the war and its attendant analyzed the motives and motivic images — the collapse of romantic hopes inherent in childhood and adolescence, fast growing spiritual lyrical. Is carried out as an attempt to enter the product analyzed in the context of the main trends of the literary process of the second half of the twentieth century, in particular, of the literary movement as “silent poetry” and show, thus, the process of rethinking the young poets preceding literary tradition.

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Petrov, I. V. “The War Came Into My Boyish...”: Image Teenager in Poetry 1950–1960th / I. V. Petrov . In Philological Class. 2015. №1 (39). P. 17-23.