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Abstract: In the article the experience of developing and conducting the research competition in Russian Language is presented as an interactive form of organization of research activity of highschoolers. The aim of the work is development of research independence and competence in highschoolers who are future university students. To specify the theoretical position the author defines the concepts of «interaction» and «research competition». The examples of the tasks provided give an idea about the structure of the competition and the specificity of the tasks that model the steps (components) of linguistic research: from linguistic phenomena analysis and stating of the research problem to organization of an independent mini-project and creation of a product. On the Lyceum №2 (Perm) website called «The Learning Success Area» on the basis of which the approbation of the contest materials was done, the materials can be found that are allowed to be used in practice in other schools of Russia. The competition «Young Explorer» was developed and conducted for four subjects: Russian language, literature, chemistry and ecology, which not only widens the circle of participants, but also shows its all-round character. The analysis of the results for 2012, 2013, 2014 years allows making a conclusion about the effectiveness of this kind of interaction and its multi-functionality.

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Fomicheva, N. V. Distant Research Competition in Russian Language for High School Students / N. V. Fomicheva . In Philological Class. 2015. №4 (42). P. 71-74.