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Abstract: The article presents the development of the Russian language lessons for grade 6 on the theme «The noun as a part of speech. The repetition studied in the 5th grade» with methodological rationale and characteristics formed and develop universal educational actions and substantive skills. The author of a practical example has shown how it is possible to use various techniques, forms of assessment and to intensify the activities of the students and to involve the whole class work. Teacher was chosen unconventional genre lesson — a lesson-journey, during a lesson using information and computer technology, material served as the cartoon «Puzzle». During the lesson teacher uses current pedagogical methods and techniques: a practical method for explanatory and illustrative techniques of individual and frontal forms of teaching. Lesson materials furnished in the form of very relevant — a construct that makes the outline of the lesson clear and understandable to the perception and analysis, as well as the relevant requirements of the Federal State Educational Standard.

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Krapivina, A. V. The Construct of the Lesson «A Noun as a Part of Speech. Repetition of Studied in 5th Grade» / A. V. Krapivina . In Philological Class. 2015. №4 (42). P. 62-64.