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DOI: 10.26710/fk16-03-11
Abstract: The literary process of the first third of the XX century develops in the direction of the artistic synthesis manifested the tendency to formation of short story cycles. Due to the difficulty of use of the novel which requires some significant time distance mechanisms of context consolidation allow the authors of the transition era to include a wider range of phenomena and translate the whole vision of the world through its extensive reflection. In the article the problem of aesthetic integration in Nikolai Aseev’s prose books of the 1920-ies is discussed: «The Shot Earth. Fantastic Stories», «The Prose of the Poet», «The Exposed Beauty». Their ideological and conceptual consistency is achieved through the operation of recurring motifs, the semantic core of which is based on the opposition of the old and new life. In the first book the collision of binary axiological orientations takes place in a fantastic universe, in the second — mainly the contemporary Soviet reality is covered, in the third — foreign capitalist world is concerned. The dominant structural factors of the literary unities include narrative organization, the gallery of general characters and regular verse elements within the prosaic structure causing the effect of polyrhythmic completeness.

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Dubrovskikh, T. S. The Problem of Artistic Synthesis in the Short Stories by Nikolai Aseev / T. S. Dubrovskikh. In Philological Class. 2016. №3 (45). P. 63-67. DOI 10.26710/fk16-03-11 .