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DOI: 10.26710/fk16-04-04
Abstract: The authors make a comparative analysis of modern Slovak and Urals poetry. The methodological base of the research is the idea of comparative literary criticism, theory of special literary communities of Slovak scientist Dionis Durishin and current trends as ecoliterature and ecocritics. The factors that stipulate internal communication of the Ural and Slovak literatures specified such as the similarity of natural landscapes and features of the structure of everyday life associated with mining, historical factors and linguistic proximity, as well as the transfer function of the cultural characteristic of both regions. The examples of Slovak and Ural authors’ poetry revealed. Severe historical woes of both Slovakia and Russia, growing trend in mass culture towards standardization and depersonalization cause a reverse process — identification of a person with his place, his native land as the maternal origin. The common is feeling of inseparably linkage with the native land, the search for non-ideological values in the situation of post-Soviet development, as well as existential concerns. Some differences between these poetries found. The image of the world in verse of Slovak authors is more harmonious, tending to the idyllic, protected by God, Saints Cyril and Methodius. Poetry of Ural authors is more dramatic, peering into the heavenly hierarchy and the depth of the soul is associated with pain, suffering, aspiration to express the past, the most important words.

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Barkovskaya, N. V. The Image of Motherland in Modern Slovak and Urals Poetry / N. V. Barkovskaya, A. Grominová . In Philological Class. 2016. №4 (46). P. 27-35. DOI 10.26710/fk16-04-04 .