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DOI: 10.26710/fk17-01-16
Abstract: The review article highlights the scientific and practical seminar «Crime and Punishment»: to the 150th anniversary of the publication of the novel by F. M. Dostoevsky», which was held as part of the traditional scientific session of the Student Scientific Society of the Ural State Pedagogical University. The seminar was prepared by the staff of the Department of Literature and Methods of Teaching, bachelor students and undergraduates of the Institute of Philology, Culturology and Intercultural Communication. Schoolchildren and teachers from schools in Ekaterinburg, V. Pyshma, Pervouralsk (15 secondary schools), students and teachers from different faculties of the Urals State University, as well as students of the UrFU took part in the seminar. The article briefly describes the activities that were part of the seminar program: presentation «”The novel of a big city”: Dostoevsky's Petersburg text»; Lectures of IFKiMK teachers, dedicated to the novel «Crime and Punishment»; Round table «To dig through all the issues in this novel»; Olympiad «The art world of the novel by F. M. Dostoyevsky “Crime and Punishment”» (for schoolchildren). The seminar ended with the performance of the theatrical studio of gymnasium № 104 in Ekaterinburg «Masks» «Behind the Door of One Murder», in which a creative reading of the novel revealing the great five-book Dostoevsky was presented.

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Yermolenko, S. I. «“Crime and Punishment”: The 150th Anniversary of F. M. Dostoyvsky’s Novel Publication» / S. I. Yermolenko. In Philological Class. 2017. №1 (47). P. 90-93. DOI 10.26710/fk17-01-16 .