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DOI: 10.26710/fk17-01-10
Abstract: The article is devoted to one of the problems of narration structure in the novel «Two Captains». The article argues that the difference between «one’s own» speech (discourse of the main character of the narrative) and "alien" speech(the sayings of the other characters) in the first person narrative is not clear cut, which is determined by the following factors: 1) the change of narrators, resulting in changing representation of "one’s own" and "alien" speech, 2) discrepancy of the real time of the event and the time as presented in the novel, when «one’s own» speech in the past can be represented as an image and evaluation, 3) the graphical presentation of «one’s own» words, which may be perceived as «alien» and is separated from the main narrative by the quotation marks. The article discusses the main features on «alien»speech in the discourse of the narrator: first of all, in relation to who speaks and who listens and introduces the speaker; moreover, the differences of the depicted from the depicting speech indicate the greater or lesser remoteness of time of the event from the time of its description, determine the dynamics of the development of character, his detachment from the most dramatic moments in life and contributes to enrichment of the inner world. Different means of presenting «alien» speech are described: written and oral, detailed and concise statements, reported speech, generalized view, etc.

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Geymbukh, E. Y. Word Describing and the Described Word in the Novel «Two Captains» by V. Kaverin / E. Y. Geymbukh . In Philological Class. 2017. №1 (47). P. 55-60. DOI 10.26710/fk17-01-10 .