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DOI: 10.26710/fk16-02-02
Abstract: The paper presents literary essay as an academic training genre. The importance of the topic is connected with the need of mastering knowledge and practical skills in the field of student reading and writing. The researchers, educators are mainly focusing on academic genres: article (scientific, popular scientific, encyclopedic), reviews, annotations, academic essays, coursework work. Meanwhile, literary essay as a genre of study in high school is currently ignored. However, it plays an important role in humanitarian thought and art of the XVIII–XXI centuries. Literary essay has great potential in the formation of the «world community» and «the whole person», has the unique ability to combine «different people, different supra-national culture, different ages», reveals the creative potential of students, it promotes the formation of reading comprehension and writing mission, improve the «nonstandard» writing, the development of the political, social, intercultural, communicative, professional competencies, develops personal creative algorithms. The author designates its genre boundaries and «internal potential», incriminates the main European, American and Russian of the genre's line as an information and strategic (didactic) source. Moreover the article offers a practical system of questions and tasks on the Sh. Abdullaev's essay «The poetry and the area» from the point of view of the type of essay, the object and the self-reflection of the subject, poetic and scientific reception.

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Mineeva, I. N. Literary Essay as an Academic Training Genre of the Higher Education / I. N. Mineeva . In Philological Class. 2016. №2 (44). P. 12-16. DOI 10.26710/fk16-02-02 .