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DOI: 10.26710/fk18-03-09
Abstract: In this article, the current problem of the formation of the sociolect of informal Internet communication is considered. As a source of work material, messages from users (non-professionals) from various web-forums are taken. Important for the study is the provision that the forum as a genre of Internet discourse is a virtual club for communication organized interests. Adhering to this provision, we note that the sociolect as a communicative code is formed in thematic forums with a relatively stable composition of participants. In this area of study of the forum sociolect, questions about the choice of language tools and the style of user interaction become central. As a result of studying the research material, it became clear that the features of the forum sociolect are determined mainly by three interrelated factors: the way of interaction (Internet communication), the topic of communication and the pragmatic attitudes of communicants. As a result of the study, the material was obtained, the analysis of which allowed us to conclude that the Internet as a way of communication causes the appearance of computer terms and computer slang, including slang, reflecting the specifics of Internet communication in the sociolect. The topic of the forum is reflected in the socioculture through the active use of terms and professional jargon, from which in turn in the forum sociolect new words and expressions are formed. The forum sociolect is formed as a result of the interaction of linguistic and speech resources characteristic of Internet communication; vocabulary and new linguistic and speech tools, created by communicants in the process of communication. The selection and organization of linguistic and speech tools of the forum sociolect are determined by such pragmatic attitudes as the desire for relative closeness, equality of communicants and the relaxed nature of communication. The activation of various forms of informal Internet communication makes it possible to expand the scope of use of the forum sociolect.

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Vorontsova, T. A. Sociolect formation on the Internet communication / T. A. Vorontsova, L. S. Patrusheva . In Philological Class. 2018. №3 (53). P. 60-66. DOI 10.26710/fk18-03-09 .