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DOI: 10.26710/fk18-04-19
Abstract: The article focuses on the creative reception of works of Soviet poetic classics, which takes on the forms of intense and highly polemical dialogue with the Soviet culture as a whole. The article offers an analysis of a creative experiment carried out within the framework of the poetry program of the festival of contemporary art «Debarkader» (Chelyabinsk, 2017). 32 poets took part in the project. They sent authored creative receptions of Nikolai Zabolotsky's poem «Ugly Girl». The cover versions translated the project from the plane of game into the field of serious philological reflection, in the center of which there was a diverse experience of interaction with the text rooted in culture, its influence on the personal everyday and poetic experience of our contemporaries, and its creative understanding. The plot of Zabolotsky's poem, its moral and aesthetic message and the author himself are perceived by the poets of the 21st century as the embodiment of the rejected Soviet ideology, ethics and aesthetics, culture and literature. The poet Danila Davydov demonstrates the rejection of didacticism and the two-dimensionality of the Soviet era and distances himself from the past with the sense of superiority of man of the new millennium, new historical knowledge. The cover version of Alexander Gavrilov «The Stone» unfolds itself into a picture included in the historical-literary context. The conformism of the figures of Soviet culture is ruthlessly condemned. Female project verses, in the majority, demonstrate individual versions of the teenage complex of the ugly duckling — an ugly girl; these versions are complicated by details of the brutal historical experience of the generation of the 1980s and 90s. The newly created cover texts, rethinking the original concepts and the «noise of time» in the light of their own experience and personal axiology, inevitably find themselves in the space of a cultural dialogue/polylogue, in which they find their place, and acquire their own value.

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Markova, T. N. Cover Versions of N. Zabolotsky's Poem «Ugly Girl» as Dialogue with Soviet Culture / T. N. Markova. In Philological Class. 2018. №4 (54). P. 132-136. DOI 10.26710/fk18-04-19 .