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DOI: 10.26170/FK19-01-19
Abstract: Various points of view of the characters of the novel “Foma Gordeyev” by Maxim Gorky come to light and are analysed in the article, their complicated ratio supported by certain motives – work or business, dissociation, loneliness, enrichment and search of the place in life – is considered. It is proved that the ratio of the characters’ points of view understood by the author as positions, from which events are considered, is among the bright artistic touches of early works of Maxim Gorky. This inclusion in the Fin de siècle era, time of the overall overturn and of the new judgement of many concepts could be used in connection with unwillingness of Maxim Gorky’s open expression of his author’s opinion. Composing a fancy plot, bringing heroes together, the writer offers the sooth at the reader’s discretion rather than making emphases. The narrator’s voice is dominating, beginning and finishing the epic narration, at the same time only framing various points of view of the characters. The polyphony of the novel and the thought-over ratio between the author, the storyteller and the heroes allowed Maxim Gorky creating gallery of living, spatial characters, emphasising dramatic bases of the Russian life of the represented period and reducing all voices to a uniform denominator. The ratio of the heroes’ points of view becomes one of the bases of the work’s composition and leads to understanding of the reasons of failures of many characters. The author of the article analyses ways of introducing the speaking people’s images to the artistic text, emphasises existence of the special sayings for all occasions in the text designed to influence the recipient by the offer of “wisdom formulas” to it, only to be taken stock of by the reader. Most likely, the ratio of the points of view in the novel as a special device had, on the one hand, already been preconditioned, and, on the other hand, could affect a peculiar mosaicity of the upcoming Maxim Gorky’s personal artistic method. Moreover, features of the narration and substantial aspects of composition allow us saying that in the novel “Foma Gordeyev”, Maxim Gorky creatively masters and actively uses findings of the Russian classics of the second half of the 19th century.

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Andreeva, V. G. Problem of a Ratio of the Points of View in the Novel “Foma Gordeyev” by Maxim Gorky / V. G. Andreeva. In Philological Class. 2019. №1 (55). P. 130-135. DOI 10.26170/FK19-01-19.