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DOI: 10.26170/FK20-04-07
Abstract: The article has a memorial character. It provides a brief overview of the contribution of M. D. Yasnov to the development of modern poetry for children and highlights his role as an organizer of poetic space. The study notes the characteristic techniques of language game in children’s verses, which draw the child’s attention to sounds and letters, word composition, role of function words and homonymy. The predominance of classical poetry meter is combined with the richness of the subject sphere of his poetry and unexpected intonation patterns, the richness of the emotional palette and genre diversity. The authors outline the parameters of the poetic world of childhood in the books of Yasnov, the gradual expansion of the child’s outlook from their home, yard and school to the open world of nature and society. With equal attention, Yasnov portrays large and small objects, from outer space to a blade of grass, reproduces the children’s mythological worldview, where everything turns out to be interconnected. The establishment of cultural ties between different national literatures is facilitated by the translation activities of Yasnov. The Petersburg poet Yasnov inherits the tradition of acmeism with its pathos of dialogue with the world culture. The authors make a conclusion about the unity of Yasnov’s poetic system in its different areas – translations, poems for children, and “adult” poems. The conclusion is illustrated by the poems from the book “Ambidexter”, supplemented with an analysis of the poem “U shveynoy mashinki – ni dnya peredyshki…“ [A sewing machine has not a day of respite...], which allows one to see the significance of the theme of historical memory in Yasnov’s work. The material presented is not only a tribute to the memory of the remarkable poet; it is of interest to practical teachers of Russian literature.
Key words: Modern children’s poetry; children’s poets; poetic creative activity; Saint Petersburg poetry; educational value of poetry; language games; poems; poetic genres.

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Barkovskaya, N. V., Gutrina, L. D. (2020). On Beautiful Clarity: In Memory of Mikhail Yasnov. In Philological Class. 2020. Vol. 25 ⋅ №4. P. 70–79. DOI 10.26170/FK20-04-07.