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DOI: 10.51762/1FK-2021-26-01-24
Abstract: The article focuses on the problems of studying active processes in syntax in the school course of the Russian language. It is noted that the modern Russian syntactic structure is actively influenced by spoken language, which causes the appearance of split, segmented constructions and, along with them, constructions demonstrating language compression, weakening syntagmatic connections in the sentence. The article points out the fact that, on the one hand, such processes are outside the literary norm, but due to their prevalence, they form a usage norm and, on the other hand, become expressive means of the text. The article argues that the urgent area of modern linguistics under consideration is not sufficiently implemented in the school teaching of the Russian language. Based on the analysis of the main learning sets, the authors come to the conclusion that in the secondary school course, it would be appropriate and justified to include linguistic material from spoken language and from modern publicist texts and fiction in the study of certain syntactic topics, which would allow students to learn to understand the essence of grammar mistakes, to see the syntactic techniques of expressiveness in the text – thereby to improve the preparation for the final state examinations, linguistic competitions, and, in general, to navigate the space of the modern language more confidently. The authors propose to use modern texts as didactic material, since these texts reflect two opposite tendencies – the tendency towards analytic structure and simplification of the structure of the sentence in order to render it special semantic capacity. The article presents linguistic material that shows these tendencies in the use of descriptive verbal-nominal constructions and parcelled structures, on the one hand, and in the application of reduced or compressed constructions, on the other hand.
Key words: Active syntax; Russian; Russian syntax; methods of teaching Russian; methods of teaching Russian at school; schoolchildren; syntactic compression; syntactic reduction.

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Laguzova, E. N., Melnikova, E. M. (2021). The Study of Active Syntactic Processes in the School Course of Russian. In Philological Class. 2021. Vol. 26 ⋅ №1. P. 281–292. DOI 10.51762/1FK-2021-26-01-24.