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DOI: 10.51762/1FK-2022-27-02-12
Abstract: A search of new venues of development in the sphere of teaching Russian in Chinese universities is going on continuously. To meet the needs of the high-quality economic and social development and to support the realization of the “Belt and Road” program and the Chinese-Russian all-round partnership at the new stage, the Chinese system of education continues training highly qualified specialists in the Russian language and literature. In the past five years, “high-quality development” has become the general requirement for the whole system of teaching the Russian language in colleges and universities across China. The Russian Language Teaching Steering Sub-Committee of the National Advisory Committee on Teaching Foreign Language to Majors in Higher Education under The Ministry of Education of China is responsible for the consultation, guidance and evaluation of teaching the Russian language throughout the country, ensuring a high-quality development of teaching Russian in the country. In the national context, three main measures have been adopted to ensure a high-quality development of teaching the Russian language: firstly, the “Double First-Class” initiative was carried out in 2018; secondly, the introduction of National Quality Standards for Foreign Language Teaching was promulgated in 2018; thirdly, the enhancement of the education area of “New Liberal Arts” in the implementation of the specialty “Russian Language and Literature” has been initiated.
Key words: Chinese students; Russian as a foreign language; methods of teaching Russian; methods of teaching Russian at higher school; Chinese universities; educational programs; educational standards; education process; quality of education.

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Лю, Хун. Качественное развитие преподавания русского языка в вузах КНР на новом историческом этапе / Лю Хун // Philological Class. – 2022. – Vol. 27 ⋅ №2. – С. 126–131. DOI 10.51762/1FK-2022-27-02-12.

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Liu, Hong. (2022). High-Quality Development of Russian Language Education in Chinese Universities in the New Era. In Philological Class. 2022. Vol. 27 ⋅ №2. P. 126–131. DOI 10.51762/1FK-2022-27-02-12.

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Liu Hong

Dalian University of Foreign Languages (Dalian, China)


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Date of receipt: 14.05.2022; date of publication: 29.06.2022.


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